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Nail polishing machine

Nail polishing machine

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Low noise, stable vibration, long running
This new type of electric nail machine is used in spas, beauty parlors and home use.
Whether acrylic, glass, or silk wrap artificial nails are applied, the maximum speed of the nail drill is 20,000 RPM
Can be of great help. The ultimate nailer can make technicians more flexible, and they can do the work in less time, and it's much more efficient on switches
Easy to use dial-up speed control
Forward and reverse operation switch

Product name: nail polishing machine
Input voltage: 110-240 v AC
Output voltage: 0-17v dc
Maximum power: 10 w-12w
Output current: 1000 ma
Host size: 13cmx8.5cmx5.8cm
Weight: 600 g
Handle/job voltage: dc1-17v
Processing speed: up to 20,000 RPM
Collection: 2.35mm (3/32)
Color: black

How to use
1. Plug the flex plug into the power socket on the control machine
2. Insert the controller into the appropriate power supply.
3. Turn the speed control counter clock to the minimum.
According to the actual requirement, different sizes of grinding molds are selected, and the drill is inserted directly into the front of the workpiece.
5. Press the power supply switch state, the light source is turned on, then the grinder can run.
(according to "O" on the power controller, the indicator should be turned off and the grinder stops.)
6. Press the switch to the "I" state, and the power supply should open and turn.
(press "O", "flashlight" should be turned off, stop turning.)
7. The direction of the turn can be reversed: "forward" or "reverse". They mean the clock and the counterclockwise.
8. Select the speed level you need by sliding the speed control knob

Packing includes:
1 * power supply
1 * handle
1 * stents
6 * metal polishing head
6 * abrasive cloth grinding head
1 * instruction